About Us

ESC is a subsidiary company of SCT Global, a UK vocational training and consultancy company.

SCT Global prides itself on its quality provision with businesses, schools/colleges and academies and attributes its success in treating clients as partners. The company looks at the strengths that our partners possess and provide solutions to build on these strengths.

It is this philosophy and expertise that we are now taking on to the international stage, initially through our India company, and this will provide expansion opportunities into Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore and Africa.

As well as treating our clients as partners we also link in with high profile organisations who are specialists in their fields. This allows us to bring this joint expertise to the international market particularly in the security, hospitality and retail sectors and provides the opportunity to meet the training and employability needs of employers and employees across the country.

We offer innovative solutions for filling vital skills gaps and achieving business goals through our accredited BTEC training programs which we provide through our accreditation with Edexcel. In addition we establish partnerships with companies already delivering bespoke in-house training allowing organisations to enhance their programs and provide CPD training.

The Directors have many years experience in business management, training and sports coaching at a National level and our trainers and advisors have extensive knowledge in their respective fields including ex-army special forces for our security programs and international hotel chains for our hospitality programs.

Please feel free to browse our site in the areas that are of interest to you and contact us for free advice on how we can help you.